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Influencers and Estheticians

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My Skin is SO soft!

Now you can enjoy spa quality results from the comfort of your home.

Influencer and Esthetician The Organic Esthetician

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This works! Huge thumbs up!

The clarity and smoothness of my skin...Wow!

Influencer and Beauty Expert MrKongsMom

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This is working fantastic

I can't even tell you how impressed I am with the glow.

Influencer and makeup artist Jennifer Joyce

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It's the best I've tried

This is a great alternative to salon Hydra Facial.

Influencer Tina Yong

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My skin feels very clean and hydrated

It pulled out all my gunk.

Influencer Trina Albus

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This is my top 3 skincare device

It definitely reduced fine lines and gave me a glow.

Influencer TJTutorials

What Our Customers Said


"It works magic, the suction is powerful enough to get rid of most of the blackheads on my nose. My skin feels lighter and smoother after using it."


"It can remove most of the grease and dirt on my skin's surface, and a lot of blackheads, but not ALL blackheads, maybe a few more uses."


"After using it for 3 times, my skin in general feels cleaner and lighter, and there are fewer acne outbreaks!"


"My skin feels smoother and is glowing after using it! It really helps clearing up my skin! Don't worry too much if you see some red spots after using it, they go away in a while."

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