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Give Your Skin a
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What is W Skin Aqua Facial?

Your All-Round At-Home Facial Machine 

W Skin Aqua Facial Device uses negative pressure and gentle exfoliating solution to create a vortex to dissolve and extract impurities including dead skin cells, blackheads and excess sebum, and leave your skin flooded with hydration from the solution.

Your skin will feel hydrated, fresh and smooth afterwards, also, fine lines, blackheads and acne are improved. It’s essentially a peel, microdermabrasion, and hydrating mask all in one.

What Our Customers Said


"It works magic, the suction is powerful enough to get rid of most of the blackheads on my nose. My skin feels lighter and smoother after using it."


"It can remove most of the grease and dirt on my skin's surface, and a lot of blackheads, but not ALL blackheads, maybe need a few more uses."


"After using it for 3 times, my skin in general feels cleaner and lighter, and there are fewer acne outbreaks!"


"My skin feels smoother and is glowing after using it! It really helps clearing up my skin! Don't worry too much if you see some red spots after using it, it's completely normal."